Fitzroy Surgery has been developed using over 40 years of cosmetic surgery experience. We’re taking the benefits of decades of expertise and combining them with a range of the best practices, emerging technology and the latest surgical techniques.

We’re already starting in a great place. Our Chairman, John Ryan is a pioneer in cosmetic surgery, having previously owned and nurtured Europe’s largest cosmetic surgery company. Taking his experience and a team made up of the world’s leading surgeons, John launched MYA Cosmetic Surgery back in 2007. Following many years of research and planning, Fitzroy Surgery launched as a sister company to MYA in late 2015 and was set to modernise the industry.

As a third generation cosmetic surgery provider, our vision for Fitzroy Surgery is to be the most transparent and scientifically respected cosmetic provider in the UK. It’s built on a solid foundation of years of research, insight and analysis. We’ve also attracted some of the world’s most talented and highly skilled surgeons. This, teamed with significant investment into all areas of the Fitzroy Surgery hospital and the business behind it, ensures we can deliver a high quality service to all our patients. Fitzroy Surgery the future of cosmetic surgery.