Fitzroy Surgery’s principal hospital is the Fitzroy in London, which was launched in May 2014. Since then, we’ve invested time, money and knowledge into our vision of becoming the UK’s leading specialist cosmetic surgery centre.

Achieving outstanding results and progressing cosmetic surgery beyond its boundaries is hugely important to us. By bringing together the number of procedures and volumes of information we gather in one place, we’re able to identify performance trends, which we can learn from and respond to.

Clinical Excellence

This information helps us constantly improve and evolve our practices. We’ve also invested in emerging technology, to ensure every ward has a tablet device to record ‘real time’ patient satisfaction feedback. Simultaneously an online portal helps us monitor and pro-actively manage quality and safety of care, in line with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and other regulatory bodies.

This valuable feedback is the driving force behind introducing new initiatives to improve areas like our hospital nutrition, and create a more efficient admissions and discharge process. Our team is also closely analysing the outcomes from different surgical techniques to measure the impact they have on complications and revisions. This is only possible because of the dedication and commitment we’ve placed on specialising. By conducting thousands of procedures, having control of our own hospital and embracing technology we are becoming the leaders in cosmetic surgery.