In achieving our goal of reaching clinical excellence, we only choose the highest quality products for Fitzroy Surgery patients. That’s why we principally work with Mentor, the world leader in breast aesthetics, and offer Mentor implants to our patients. As part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, Mentor is recognised as one of the world’s most trusted organisations. With over 40 years of experience in making breast implants, Mentor has an impressive 98% patient satisfaction rate.

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Looking and feeling great is important, but the quality and safety behind the implants we provide are paramount. We choose Mentor Silicon Gels for our patients, which are made up of cohesive polymers. This means they’re soft and fluid to touch, but the actual gel acts as a unit, holding together uniformly, yet remaining malleable like natural breast tissue.

Mentor offer an extensive range of implants with over 1,000 options, ensuring we find the right fit for the right patient. For peace of mind, Mentor has one of the most comprehensive warranties available, it also carries the Patient Care Promise and is associated with low rates of complications. Mentor has also commissioned seven long-term breast safety and efficacy studies with over 200,000 patients. This demonstrates their commitment to achieving quality and consistency, which has established their excellent reputation for producing outstanding products with great reliability

Mentor’s Patient Care Promise*

  • Free automatic enrolment
  • Lifetime product replacement in case of confirmed rupture
  • In the case of confirmed rupture, up to £850 of financial assistance, for a period of 10 years from the date of its implantation
  • Free product replacement in the case of confirmed capsular contracture Baker grade III and IV in augmentation surgery, for a period of 10 years from the date of its implantation

*Note: implant manufacturers benefits can change from time to time but the current benefits will be explained in your consultation.