Media Report

Did you know that currently there is no, single organisation representing and overseeing the cosmetic surgery industry? This means there is also:

  • no standardised code of practice
  • no collecting & collating of data across the industry
  • no comparing or sharing of outcomes, successes & failure.

Despite the huge efforts of some campaigners, the cosmetic surgery industry has fallen behind other areas of healthcare in terms of patients’ expectations. It’s perhaps no surprise that over half of Britons (57%) have a negative perception of the cosmetic surgery

That’s why we have launched a new report “Cosmetic Surgery – The road to reform: Working together to restore patients trust”.

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The report looks at the history of the cosmetic industry, charting its huge growth as well as analysing the impact of issues such as the PIP breast implant scandal and the current regulations and governance within the sector to probe patient safeguards.

This report brings together many strands within the industry, providing a “mark in the sand” and a guide to where we are now, where we hope to be and what we need to do to get there.

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  • To download the full Report, click here