At Fitzroy Surgery we are so confident about our service and our surgeons that we’ve created an open and transparent forum for patients to share experiences or research procedures. You can post images and talk publicly or privately with other members.

It’s a great place to gain a genuine, unbiased insight into the details of the Fitzroy Surgery journey and to discover how patients truly feel going through the process themselves. You can also build a support group and ask any questions you might have missed during your consultation.

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Ensuring you have all the information you need to make the right decision is really important. Our forum can help you gain an understanding of our surgeons, the premises, the procedure you’re considering and the aftercare you can expect. You can also visit to see a range of things to consider when making your choices. Here you’ll find research checklists, a library of resources and articles, potential risks of procedures, facts and other useful tools.

We’ll also give you the Patient Guide, which is full of everything you need to know about preparing yourself for surgery and features our aftercare service. You’ll receive a procedure guide too with all the specifics about your chosen surgery, detailing risks, benefits and what to expect afterwards. And of course, your surgeon and nurse will also explain everything fully and be happy to answer any questions.

Clinical Data

We have been collecting clinical and surgical data since 2012, allowing us to benchmark best practice and ensure that the best possible care is available to our patients. As part of Fitzroy Surgery’s commitment to transparency, you are able to view all of this information online. See below for examples of such data:

  • Revision Rate, SSI Rate, AI Rate, RT Rate 2012 - 2014

  • Procedures Carried Out ranging from 2012 to 2014