We all have parts of our body that we’re not happy with. Whether it’s stubborn areas that exercise just won’t rid, the effects of having a family, or the results of rapid weight loss causing excess skin. Surgery is a really popular way to achieve a new look and get your sparkle back.

The most common form of body reshaping is liposuction but many of our patients also choose a tummy tuck or combine both. Our expert surgeons can also correct gynaecological changes usually brought about by childbirth, or maybe it’s just a shape you’re unhappy with. We have many years of experience that’s not only given us great expertise, but also the skills to sensitively discuss all manner of problems no matter how self-conscious you might be. It’s this experience and understanding that ensures we can help you set realistic expectations about what can be achieved to ensure the final effect is something you’ll absolutely love.

At Fitzroy Surgery our specialist surgeons work exclusively on cosmetic procedures and are proud to have over 20 years’ experience in both the private and public sector. This expertise puts them amongst the most qualified and highly skilled in the world. What’s more, each one shares Fitzroy Surgery’s value of achieving clinical excellence every time.

Will even the strictest exercise not give you the firm body you’re craving?

When you feel like you live at the gym and eat nothing but salads it’s really disappointing when your body’s not becoming the shape you want. That’s why liposuction is a brilliant option. We offer our patients options that involve removing stubborn, excess fatty tissue that lies under the skin, and during the process our skilled surgeons re-sculpt the contours of the body into a more desirable shape.


Have you had a family, or rapidly lost weight leaving you with loose skin?

Almost everybody would love a flat stomach, but no matter how hard you exercise or how tough your diet is, it’s not always going to achieve the results you want when you have excess skin. Tummy tuck surgery can be a great option. This procedure rejuvenates the tummy area, giving an improved shape by removing the excess skin and fat from the stomach. It also tightens the muscles and restores the waist.


Is sex not the same after babies, or are you self-conscious about your body?

At Fitzroy Surgery, patients usually choose procedures to enhance the features we can all see, but the areas we can’t see are just as important. Vaginal cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular amongst women who’ve just had a family and experience changes alongside younger women who just aren’t happy with their body. We offer two types of vaginal surgery, or ‘designer vagina’ surgery as it’s known: labiaplasty and vaginal tightening.