Liposuction Surgery

Will even the strictest exercise not give you the firm body you’re craving?

When you feel like you live at the gym and eat nothing but salads it’s really disappointing when your body’s not becoming the shape you want. That’s why liposuction is a brilliant option. We offer our patients options that involve removing stubborn, excess fatty tissue that lies under the skin, and during the process our skilled surgeons re-sculpt the contours of the body into a more desirable shape.


The important factor here is that every patient must have realistic expectations about what can be achieved and what the limitations are regarding this procedure.

With liposuction, surgery time can vary depending on the areas of the body you choose. As we can tackle one or more areas at the same time, it can take between 30 minutes and 2 hours, under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic and sedation. If you choose general anaesthetic, you’ll likely need to stay overnight in the Fitzroy Surgery hospital whereas you’ll be able to leave the same day with local anaesthetic. There are limits to the amount of fat that can be removed at any one time for health reasons. Your specialist liposuction surgeon will take you through the process step by step, explaining every stage and ensuring you’re comfortable and understand everything from start to finish.

We’d advise you take between 3 to 10 days off work, depending on the type of liposuction you choose. You’ll need to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and help you heal. Ask your surgeon to tell you more during your consultation.

It’s worth bearing in mind that liposculpture is not a short-cut treatment for obesity and we carefully assess every patient. Your surgeon will calculate your BMI (body mass index), which helps him or her to determine whether you’re suitable for the procedure. If not, you may be referred back to your GP for medical advice on diet and exercise.


Liposuction achieves great results, here are the areas it can improve.

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PowerX Vaser Liposuction is a new and exciting form of liposuction that’s ultrasonic. It’s precise, less invasive and offers faster recovery times. Because it’s so accurate we can target selective fatty areas without damaging surrounding tissue to achieve fantastic, immediate results.

Vaser Lipo is one of the most popular forms of liposuction at Fitzroy Surgery. It works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves down a small probe which breaks up the fat on contact. This liquefies and is then gently removed, using suction through tiny incisions, which are so small, there’s no need for stitches. It’s also an incredibly versatile procedure, powerful enough to target several large areas, yet gentle enough for delicate places like your chin.

The ultrasonic technology enables us to remove a much higher quantity of fat in a shorter time. This means it can be carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation, as a day patient. It’s not suitable for everyone, your specialist surgeon will take you through the process step by step, to determine whether this or another type of liposuction is right for you.

Another great benefit is that you can return to work in just 3 or 4 days, if your role’s not too physical. You’ll need to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks, which we’ll provide, along with a 4D vest for 2 weeks if we’ve treated your tummy or sides.


The changes this advanced procedure can make to your body are amazing. Laser lipolysis, or laser lipo as its also known, harnesses highly developed laser technology (diode laser). It selectively targets fat cells which absorb the laser light. This causes them to emulsify, making them easier to remove using suction through tiny incisions.

Laser lipo can be carried out on most areas of the body, and we can treat up to 3 areas in one session. Even those places considered difficult to treat with traditional liposuction achieve great results.

Laser liposuction is typically under local anaesthetic with sedation and you’ll be treated as a day patient. As it’s less invasive, you may find your recovery is a little faster, which means you could go back to work within 2 to 3 days, as long as your role isn’t strenuous or physical. Wearing a compression garment afterwards, which we’ll provide is important to help the healing process. Besides stunning results this is a great option if you have a hectic lifestyle and need to be on the go as soon as possible.

As there are a few types of liposuction your specialist surgeon will explain the benefits and restrictions of each one to you so you can both determine which is the best option for you.



Liposuction can cause swelling and bruising, which can last up to 12 weeks.

A little discomfort

This kind of procedure can leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable afterwards. Any pain should disappear after 7 to 14 days, but if you need it, we’ll prescribe and administer pain relief.

A change in sensation

You can expect some numbness in the skin and tissues, which may last for several months. Some patients notice a change in sensitivity or some ‘strange sensations’, which are common and fade away over time. Though rare, it’s possible for a small area to remain numb.

Contour irregularities

Some areas may be uneven to touch after straight after surgery and will settle in time. In some rare cases this may stay and possibly need correction.

Skin elasticity

Patients with poor skin tone, or those who’ve had a larger volume removed may develop slackness in the skin. If this happens you may choose to undergo another procedure to remove it. Your surgeon will help you understand the likelihood of this during your initial consultation and may even recommend a different procedure altogether, like a tummy tuck.

The right clothing

After surgery you’ll need to wear a tight garment, provided by us, for up to 6 weeks. Wear it round the clock to promote healing and reduce excess swelling or fluid building up.






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