Breast surgery is the most popular choice of cosmetic procedure in the UK. It enhances the way you look and more importantly, the way you feel.

The most common form is a breast enlargement, but many of our patients also choose a breast uplift, or a reduction. Our expert surgeons also correct asymmetry and tubular breasts with fantastic results. Through our many years of experience, we can help you set realistic expectations about what can be achieved to ensure the final effect is something you’re absolutely delighted with.

What distinguishes Fitzroy Surgery as breast specialists within the industry is that we offer tailored surgery led by you. Your lifestyle and physical attributes all have a part to play in determining the appropriate procedure but an expert clinical opinion is always necessary before deciding to go ahead. With over 20 years’ experience in breast specialisation in both the private and public sector, our surgeons are amongst the most qualified and highly trained in the world. What’s more, each one shares Fitzroy Surgery’s value of achieving clinical excellence every time.

Alongside our more popular procedures, we also offer combination procedures, nipple lifts, areola reduction, as well as inverted nipple correction and scar revision. So it’s really worth speaking to our team to discuss exactly what’s right for you.

Do you feel your breasts are too small?

Anyone who’s always wanted a bigger cup size to feel their body’s in proportion will love the results of our breast enlargement procedure. The aim is simply to increase the size of your breasts and create a more desirable shape. Whether you’ve lost the fullness after pregnancy and breastfeeding, losing weight or always wanted a bigger bust, we can help.


Would you like more volume in your breasts?

If you want to feel fantastic in a bra and make sure clothes look amazing, a breast uplift procedure offers great results. As its name suggests, the aim here is to lift, re-shape and re-size the breast. It’s hugely popular and can also help with uneven breasts caused by weight loss or breastfeeding your baby on one side. You can choose to have both breasts lifted or just one, which is not uncommon.


Would you prefer smaller breasts?

Whether you’re self-conscious or experiencing constant back pain, the liberating effects of a breast reduction can be life-changing. A breast reduction is designed to bring proportion back to the body by removing the extra weight. Besides being great for your physical health it’s also brilliant for restoring your confidence.


Are your breasts different sizes?

Asymmetry is really common; in fact, it affects over half the women we see and is often the trigger in choosing breast surgery. Asymmetry can affect the form, volume or position of the breast. Though we all have natural variances in our breasts meaning they aren’t identical, it’s when the difference is greater than a cup size that it can become something to change.


Do your implants need replacing?

You’d be surprised how much your body changes over time, so it’s worth talking to our specialist surgeons to make sure you stay looking your best. We typically find that patients want their implants replacing every 10 to 20 years. Implants themselves don’t have a sell-by date but your body can change a lot in that time causing your implants to fall lower on your chest wall.

Re-augmentation is the name given to the procedure where we remove your current implants, and any scar tissue, repair the pocket and add new implants. Breast implant removal is usually carried out through the original incision to minimise scarring.