A small change can make a huge difference whatever age you are. Whether you’d love a smaller nose, neater ears or would like to feel and look more youthful, we offer a great range of procedures.

Our expert surgeons are highly skilled in nose surgery, from reductions and straightening to sculpting a more desirable shape. Eye bag surgery to rejuvenate tired eyes is also extremely popular, while facelifts are often requested too. We can also help with ear reshaping, bringing confidence and self-esteem to a host of patients.

At Fitzroy Surgery our surgeons have trained all over the world, gaining many years of experience in their specialist areas. They work exclusively on cosmetic procedures and have spent over 20 years in both the private and public sector. This has given them an exceptional level of expertise that’s amongst the best in the world. They also have great understanding that can help you set realistic expectations about what can be achieved. Our surgeons also share Fitzroy Surgery’s value of achieving clinical excellence for every patient. Put together, it ensures the final effect is something you’re delighted with.

Do you feel your nose isn’t the shape or size you’d like?

Everyone has something they’d love to change on their body, whether it’s a subtle tweak or a beautiful new shape. Whichever you choose, the feeling afterwards is amazing. One of our most popular requests is nose reshaping, which gives great results both for your overall look and your confidence. The surgical name for this procedure is rhinoplasty and is more commonly known as a nose job. There are different types of procedures including open or closed-rhinoplasty and your specialist surgeon will help to determine what’s best for you. Surgery involves removing bone, tissue or cartilage to reduce the shape, while inserting grafts or implants will subtly increase it. Most procedures need general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in our hospital.


Would you love younger looking eyes?

Eye bags, droopy lids and hooded eyes can really age a face, while surgery can rejuvenate your whole appearance. This procedure helps wake up a tired face and instantly revive your self-esteem. With this procedure the aim is simple. We remove the extra overhanging skin from the upper lids and eye bags from the lower lids, so your eyes are bright, wide and more youthful.


Are your neck, face and cheeks drooping and showing the signs of aging?

A refreshing face lift is a great way to rejuvenate your look, instantly giving you a more youthful appearance. This procedure focuses on the lower half of your face, particularly the jaw line and neck. It involves taking away excess skin from your neck, chin and cheeks whilst tightening everything up and reducing wrinkles.

Eyebrows and forehead wrinkles can be treated with an endoscopic brow lift. It’s worth discussing the look you’d like to achieve with your surgeon so you can both determine what’s right for you.


Do you feel as though your ears are protruding?

Imagine wearing your hair anyway you choose, or being liberated from feeling self-conscious. Ear reshaping is one of our most common procedures and the results give an amazing boost to confidence.